My Bulletproof Coffee Review

bulletproof coffee reviewsYou got to love the internet. If you know how to type in the right search keyword or keyphrase you can find nearly everything there is to know about anything in this world. Saying how wonderful the internet is nothing beats real world experience on yourself.

Today I’m going to be sharing one of those recent real life experiments.

Mixing Butter, MCT Oil and Coffee

What a strange combination to put together. Don’t most people just enjoy a good black coffee, maybe mix some semi-skimmed milk or half and half in there?

When you brew premium Upgraded™ coffee beans, buy a bottle of Brain Octane oil and get a stick of grassfed butter. Then you have all the ingredients you need to make a great tasting cup of Bulletproof Coffee.

I should have read all the Bulletproof® coffee reviews properly. The first time I tried to make it it all went horribly wrong. In fact, it looked like what happened when this guy made one.

You can avoid an oil slick on top of your healthy high fat coffee by getting a high speed blender.

The Results

You’ve got to this point of the post cos you want to know my results of 30 days on Dave Asprey’s coffee invention.

Here’s what happened:

  1. Lost weight. Actually some pounds and inches around my waist.
  2. Enjoyed making coffee. The morning ritual became exciting to see if my coffee making skills had improved to barista level.
  3. Started going gluten free. In all this research I decided to go gluten-free. That’s a whole other post.
  4. Learnt why we want ketones to fuel our body for all the health benefits.
  5. Felt good. There were no coffee jitters and sugar lows became a thing of the past.

My Vote = 2 Thumbs Up

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